Enjoy glacial mountains and valleys



The wonderful scenery of Briksdal is so overwhelming that we would like to share it with you, and it is the glacier itself that gives you the most breath-taking impression. But you will definitely also appreciate the fertile valley next to the ice with the mighty mountains that surround it.
Enjoy the raging glacier rivers
creating a wild dance on its way to the fjord and the ocean, it seems like the water is in a hurry after thousands of years as ice in the valley.

Briksdal Glacier is a part of the main ice massif, Jostedal Glacier, which is the largest glacier on the European mainland. It is a protected area as a national park, and now covers 486 km2. At its thickest point it is now 400 m. and its tallest peak stretches 1950 m above sea level.

Only 346 m above sea level, the Briksdal Glacier has created a small lake. From the Briksdal Mountain Lodge you can easily get there on foot by walking the 2.5 km long road/path or let us drive you there in one of the Troll Cars.
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PP: The development of the glacier 1870 - 2006